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  If there is one thing I want all my partners to know about past and present, it’s how to give good head. It’s so important in a happy and healthy relationship. You might be surprised by that information. Maybe you’re thinking it couldn’t possibly be that important? You might be thinking, “hmm, I don’t go down on my partner that much, and we’re fine, how important could it be?” My answer? VERY, VERY important! Even if you think she’s not that interested in oral, you need to click here to read my article right now. Believe me, she is more interested than you think and by reading today’s article you can find out just how interested she is and many other important tidbits of information and orgasmic licks review that will be very useful to know. I’m providing you with 8 pieces of information regarding oral that you have never heard before. Some are tips to make you a better giver, others are insight into what she is thinking and what she wants. ALL of it will make her want you more and love your oral more. Read it now to get all the juicy details. Big kisses, Gabrielle Moore P.S. Next time around we are going to talk about lasting longer. You don’t want to miss out on this great new information that I have to share with you on this important topic! Until then, make her the absolute happiest woman on earth by watching the video below right now on oral advice and info. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omq6dRLE940
There are dozens of myths around the premature ejaculation in men. Some believe that this problem is permanent and you shall have to suffer from it throughout your sex life. Take a close look at some of the myths and the truth behind them and what's preventing you from master how to make her squirt :
  • It is a rare problem
Some people believe that this condition is only found in just a few me. This is not correct only that many people suffer in silence as revealing such truth will not be well perceived by their friends or relatives. It can happen to just anyone but luckily there are products and approaches to contain it.
  • It is a physical thing
Some people think or say that premature ejaculation is physical. This is once again wrong assumption. Doctors have done many studies on the same and have concluded that it is just a serious mental thing. The men who suffer from it have no physical defects only that they do not paper psychologically before getting into sex.
  • Lacks short term solution
Another misconception is that the premature ejaculation has no short-lived solution. In fact, there exist numerous techniques and tricks you can use to get rid of premature ejaculation. They include mental tricks, and breathing techniques. For example you can pinch your buttocks when they feel it to shift your sensations. Your focus shifts to your buttocks and thus delays the ejaculation and gives you ample time to make her squirt .     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmvEe1StSpY

The difference between the male and female orgasms lies in what it takes to induce it.

While for a man only an erection and a vagina are essential, the story with the woman’s orgasm is totally different; an erect penis and an aroused vagina is not a guarantee for orgasm.

There needs to be intense stimulation of the clitoris for most women to climax.

One of the best Orgasm Arts tips to induce orgasms is using the oral technique.

Here, the man’s tongue will have a lot to do. It will be responsible for the much needed stimulation of the clitoris.

Using gentle circular strokes or a licking motion, the tongue will get the clitoris to distend enough to receive these strokes from the man’s tongue.

He should do this while also licking and sucking at the vaginal lips until the woman climaxes.

This is basically the oral technique. It is not written in stone though; a man can use different techniques with the tongue to bring the woman to orgasm.

It will depend a lot on what the woman really likes and she must communicate the same to the man well in advance.

If the couple has been together for a long time, this should come naturally. Employing G-spot stimulation at the same time as oral techniques is a sure way of giving the woman orgasms she will not forget in a long time.

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It is very important to know what you are doing and how it is performed before attempting to how to eat her out. You should make sure you involve the entire body instead of focusing on the genital area alone.

This will ensure maximum effect and she will enjoy the whole process. Once she is fully turned on is when you can focus on her genitals.

When you try out this technique, it is important to understand that women respond differently to stimulation. Therefore, know how she is before going for this method.


The first thing you should do is make sure she is aroused completely. This can easily be achieved through stimulating her clitoris and G spot.

Keep in mind that the clits is one of the most sensitive parts of the female sexual organs; so do not overdo it. Otherwise, it will just switch her off. Work on this area softly and be gentle.

As you concentrate on this part, use you hands to caress other areas such as the inner thigh, hips and feet.

As you continue, kiss her upper thigh and labia because they are responding well to the arousal and are now very sensitive.


This will increase the sensation; therefore ensure you do that to the other side too. Always observe how she is responding to everything you are doing.

This will give you a clear indication of how you will proceed from there on. You can also add your fingers to increase the intensity.

Once you are able to perform this technique well, you will be guaranteeing her maximum pleasure and it is a sure way to ensure your partner gets an orgasm. Make sure she is always relaxed and calm in the process.



How To Make A Woman Have A Clitoral Orgasm

There are many ways which have proven to be good in stimulating a lady to the point of having an orgasm.

Therefore, it is important for a man to understand them in order to make his woman scream. The clitoris is one area that can help you achieve all that. Here are some few secrets that you should to give her a climax like never before.

clitoral orgasmsKnow how you can tease her. Even though they normally do it, join in and enjoy together.

As you play along, be patient but make sure you drive her completely nuts.

This needs you to control yourself and tease her well. This is like a game; therefore, play it nicely to win.

Another thing that you need to do is giving her a lot of attention. Focus on her until she climaxes. When your woman cums first, then now you begin to enjoy because she will direct to you all her concentration.

This automatically makes intercourse good for the two of you. They say ladies first; this principle applies to love making too. If you can tease and play with her clitoris well, she will literary blow your mind because of the stuff she will do for you.

It is important for the man to understand how to utilize clitoral orgasm for his benefits. Go the extra mile and use your mouth too. Women love men who can be creative to make them reach an orgasm.

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Discover Natural Ways to Last Longer in Bed Naturally

Although the notion of men delaying orgasm may seem rather counter-intuitive; it can be pretty frustrating for a man to reach orgasm quickly, before their partners does. In fact, some individuals who suffer from premature ejaculation have a hard time trying to satisfy their partners during sexual intercourse. Fortunately, there are natural ways that men can adopt to help them last longer in bed. Instead of taking pills to control premature ejaculation, it is best that you result to natural methods. On top of the things you should try in order to control PE is kegel exercises. These exercises help in working the muscles that take part in ejaculation; the workouts are known to build power and control. last longer image Apart from helping you last longer in bed, kegel exercises can assist individuals in sustaining a firm erection. (click here for more on kegel exercises) The other method is masturbation. Although masturbation is not going to enhance your sex performance, depending on the approach you take, you can follow certain masturbation techniques that help to delay orgasm and thereby ensure you have lasted longer during lovemaking. First, you can learn how to impede ejaculation by delaying your orgasm while masturbating rather than climaxing too quickly. You can also practice the squeeze method or the start-stop strategy; both are highly effective during sexual intercourse. for more tips to last longer , visit this site

 What is Erectile Disorder?

Erectile disorder which is also commonly referred to as E.D or impotence is a condition in men whereby they are unable to maintain an erection adequate for sexual intercourse. A lot of men normally suffer from this problem of having short periods of erectile difficulties.

how to get harder erections

One should seek medical assistance if the erectile dysfunction persists for a long period- say weeks or months. Impotence can cause anxiety, stress and self-confidence issues; usually these problems have a negative impact on one’s personal relationship.

Majority of men are not comfortable with disclosing this problem to other people; more so, they feel embarrassed to talk to medical professionals concerning their problem. According to experts, men with erectile disorder ought to seek medical assistance. This is not only because the condition can be rectified effectively but also because E.D can be an indication for an underlying health difficulty such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or cardiovascular diseases.

how to get an erection fast

Erectile disorder usually has its signs and symptoms. Some men are unable to sustain an erection or even achieve one. Furthermore, they may have low libido levels. Other men are normally able to get an erection when masturbating but are unable to do so during sexual intercourse. It is a common problem for men to fail to gain an erection; however, if it happens regularly, then it becomes a problem.

The main cause of erectile dysfunction is a difficulty in flow of blood to the man’s penis. In most situations, the problem of blood flow occurs if there is an underlying health problem. Consequently, when a man has low libido levels, they generally have a reduce sex drive. For this reason, they are less likely to get an erection.

Masturbation Technique to Last Longer To most men, masturbation is a favorite thing that is of high interest to them. It renders one pleasure and aid in relieving sexual tension. Most men masturbate at least due to this reason. But are you aware that you can supercharge your capacity to last longer while having sex? => Orgasmic Sex Position <= First, you need to learn about pleasuring yourself in the right way. Not techniques or positions but rather engaging your mind in the course of action; not just to gain self-satisfaction but also to see how long you will take to do so. Avoid getting to the point whereby you can no longer control your ejaculation. When you begin to feel like releasing your load, break off the stimulation. The point is to enjoy your experience as long as possible without reaching an orgasm.  The other thing to remember is not to indulge in the process while you are distracted. Ensure you are calm, relaxed and all by yourself. Be in the same state of mind as your actions. While you are stroking your manhood up and down, ensure to take note of the way your body is responding as the excitement increases. In conclusion, it is actually okay for individuals to masturbate from time to time. That kind of masturbation is a healthy one. However, if you have the habit of masturbating excessively and routinely just for the sake of gratifying yourself, then you may be training your body and mind to do the same in times of sexual intercourse. Other amazing sites you may be interested in best orgasm sex position Top reviews of erection by command
When people have sex, they expect it to be great and fantastic. But this may not be the case with some couples, and more often than not, failure to satisfy in bed leads to one of the partners being left frustrated. Do you really leave your partner satisfied or just frustrated? Do you want to last longer in bed? There are different ways that one can implement so as to improve his or her sex life. One of these many ways is through changing your diet. The type of food that one eats can affect the length of time that he or she spends with the partner in bed. ( Don't believe me? Check out these Top ejaculation by command reviews) Food is a human being’s daily source of nutrients without which survival would be difficult. In fact, food helps increase a person’s physical strength in addition to reducing any health related problems that may occur. Good nutrition helps to produce healthy hormones which in turn sustain one’s libido in the long run ensuring that there is regular, if not satisfying, sexual activity. ==>Best reviews of Ejaculation by Command <== A cardio workout is all sex is about. It is like running, and an athlete too needs to have proper nutrition. There are optimal meals that nutritionists have acknowledged and outlined below are some of them:
  • Vitamin B-12 – These are the type of foods that helps a human’s body to produce energy. They help in elevating an individual’s mood on top of increasing your strength and also blood circulation. These types of food are easy to come by and a few examples include; eggs, beef, fortified tofu, shellfish or even caviar.
  • Watermelon and garlic– a watermelon contains a chemical which aids the body by boosting the oxygen flow that is in the blood. Combining the watermelon with garlic and or even ginger helps to increase the flow of blood into the sexual organs of both the men and also the women.
  • Chocolate – ever wondered why some people love eating chocolate much? Probably yes. Chocolate does contain anti-oxidants that help the body to perform a lot better. In addition to this, it helps the brain to be able to release some chemicals that help lead to euphoria. This is especially the dark chocolate which leads to an elongated sexual experience.
  • Grapes and also beans – these two contain a chemical that is called boron. This chemical facilitates the production of estrogen and also testosterone. These two hormones are a huge help during the bedroom performance, libido for women (aided by estrogen) and physical stamina for the both parties.
  • Bananas – bananas are not only sweet to eat, they also have several uses in the body such as increasing the libido in a man through the enzyme bromelain. In addition to that, they have, potassium, riboflavin and the B vitamins which increase the levels of energy in the body.
Eat well, live well and enjoy life, more so the sex life. ==> ejaculation by command review <==

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